We are delighted to announce our first ever signing Joe Joyce has decided to renew his management deal with us. It's been an exciting ride so far and we can't wait for that to continue.

Co-founder of S-JAM BOXING Adam Morallee adds "Joe was our first signing and will always be special to us. He was the reason Sam and I got together and formed S-JAM. His journey to here has been anything but straightforward but the path onwards is clear now. The team at S-JAM has grown and that will help support Joe in the next stage of his growth. We think Joe is the best heavyweight in the world and it is up to us to make sure that is undisputed"

Joe Joyce has accomplished a remarkable amount throughout his boxing career. Prior to Joe signing with S-JAM he had a very successful amateur career the pinnacle of which was him obtaining an Olympic silver medal. Since signing with S-JAM Joe has achieved a Commonwealth Heavyweight Title in the fewest amount of fights in history a WBA Gold Title, British Title as well as the European Title.

Co-founder Sam Jones expresses "This guy is more than a client, he's family. I am ecstatic that he's decided to continue his journey with S-JAM Boxing. We've travelled the world, proved people wrong and had a lot of fun doing. Joe Joyce helped me and Adam start S-Jam and for him to continue his journey with us untill the end is beyond amazing. The next chapter is the most exciting, we're ready for world titles and we're coming after every single belt. #BIGJUGGERNAUT.

We are really excited and proud to manage Joe Joyce on the next chapter of his career.


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